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6 Interesting Role Play Sex Games

This is another great post by Ask Dan & Jennifer so thought i would let all you guys have a taste of what they have to offer.

Role play and sex games can be so much fun, but many of them have been played out. Doctor and patient, French maid and even dirty cop have been done over and over again and honestly, where’s the excitement in that? Here are seven role play sex games you probably have never tried! These will not only surprise your man, but give him something to fantasise about for weeks!

1. Photographer & Model

This is a fun one that you don’t really need any costumes, lingerie or props for, unless you want them. All you need is a camera and whether it’s on your phone, a fancy digital camera or a crappy web cam, you can still have tons of fun with this role play game. Take turns switching between the photographer and model roles, so each of you gets to take pictures of the other. Come up with sexy poses, or take close ups of your lover’s most intimate areas.
Have a blast looking over the photos afterwards – you can even run them through a free on line photo editor if you don’t have one installed on your computer to make them look even better. Delete them or keep them, it doesn’t matter. Bonus points if you have a timer and a tripod and can do photos of you and your partner together

2. New Age Artist

Get some body paints (edible or not, depending on what you’d like to do with them) and pretend you’re a new age artist whose canvas is your lover’s naked body. Don’t be afraid to get really into your role play and create a real work of art. If you’re actually really artistic, all the better! You can even take photos of your work and bring a bit of the photographer/model sex game into this if you like. If your body paints are edible, have fun licking them off! Don’t forget to let your partner paint you as well.

3. Mermaid Fantasy

Any guy who has ever seen Daryl Hannah in the 1980′s movie Splash has a mermaid fantasy – guaranteed. Play up on this by either renting or buying a mermaid costume. Curl your hair with loose waves (or crimp it like Daryl Hannah’s – hey, it was the 80′s, remember?) and throw some beads or seashells in there if you can. Body glitter is also great for this too – use your imagination to create a really ethereal mermaid look.
This is also an excellent bathtub sex game, but if you’ve done a lot of work on your hair and makeup, you’ll probably want to engage in a fair amount of foreplay and fun before you get soaking wet.

4. Vampire & Prey

No, this is not the kind of sex game where you beg your partner to don orange-gold contacts, body glitter and suck on ice before he kisses you. Although if your partner is into that, go for it. A real vampire/prey role play borders a little bit on the BDSM side, and can easily become an excellent game of domination if you’re into that kind of thing.
Dress the part with black clothes and smoky dark makeup. A really pouty mouth with fire engine red lipstick will complete the look if you can pull it off. Or, if your partner would rather be dominant, let him get his Bram Stoker on and you play the helpless victim. However, if you plan on doing any real biting or bloodletting, make sure you observe some safety precautions first.

5. Storybook Characters

Many guys have a bit of a fetish for storybook characters like little red riding hood or many of the Disney Princesses. Seriously though, who didn’t think that Princess Jasmine was totally hot in Aladdin – especially in her slave-to-Jafar outfit? The Princess Leia slave outfit is also a HUGE fantasy among many guys. Let the princess inside you out and dress up in your man’s favourite character. Don’t be afraid to lay it on thick either!

Military/Drill Sergeant

Again, this is an excellent role play when you want to incorporate some submission and domination. You can often find old military clothes at surplus outlets or warehouses, and they’re often pretty inexpensive. Have fun ordering your man to do push ups for you, or other naughty things like perform oral sex on you. If you like to be the submissive one, let your partner have fun ordering you around! Bonus points if you can “roll around in the grass” and get a little dirty too.
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